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Door County, Wisconsin

In late June, we spent some time in Door County, Wisconsin, a little peninsula that sticks out into Lake Michigan, as part of a larger Great Lakes trip.  With sunsets over the water and plenty of hiking, what's not to love?  Here's the first in a multi-part photo blog from this trip.  The Great Lakes is one of the few parts of the country I haven't been to, and I'd definitely recommend it!    

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Chincoteague, Or A Sad Vacation Photography Story

Most photographers have a that-time-my-memory-card-crapped-out-on-me story.  I guess I should feel lucky that I made it this far and that when it happened to me, it was landscape photos from vacation as opposed to client photos . . . but darn it, I thought I could beat the odds!  I guess it serves me right using my 6 year old non-professional grade memory card and in spite of some weird warnings on the screen (and several back-up disks at the ready), I still carried on.  

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New Mexico, Part IV - White Sands National Monument

Because I took so many photos of White Sands National Monument, I am going to split them up into a three-part series.  We arrived at the park mid-afternoon and stayed until past sunset.  As the photos progress, you'll see the lighting change the colors of the sand, sky, and mountains as the sun moved lower in the sky.  The earliest photos, right as we entered the park, have more desert vegetation and look beach-like.  Further into the park, there were expanses with little to no vegetation that looked like an isolated desert or even craters on an alien planet.  Surprisingly, the whiteness of the sand makes it very cool to the touch, and there was a steady wind, which you'll see created a shimmery, soft quality to the sand.  Luckily, I didn't get any in my eyes or camera!

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