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Jess + Bryc: A Whistle Hollow Farm Wedding

Just about a year ago on September 22, 2018, we got to celebrate with Jess + Bryc after spending a great time with this wonderful couple during their engagement photo session during the summer. They held their wedding and reception at Whistle Hollow Farm. No detail was left out - from a custom back-drop for photo props to a fun photo scavenger hunt for guests to a request from the bride and groom for guests to leave notes with fun date ideas. While rain moved in and out of the area, the skies cleared just long enough to have the ceremony outside with the Blue Ridge as the backdrop for their vows. We had so many favorite photos from this wedding!

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Shaneisha + Corey: An Elegant Vinton War Memorial Wedding

With Hurricane Florence threatening the east coast all week and couples in the region making tough decisions whether to continue with their wedding plans or postpone, Shaneisha + Corey bet that the weather would turn in their favor, and they lucked out with smatterings of rain showers throughout the day but none of the high wind and torrential downpours that the area got the day after.

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Jessica + Bryc: An Epic Engagement at Panther Falls

We had a ridiculous amount of fun with this adventuresome couple!  We met up with Jessica + Bryc ("Brick") at Panther Falls, just outside of Lexington, VA, a couple of Saturdays ago.  It's a popular swimming spot so we got there early to beat the crowds and were successful...except for the local hunters training their hunting dogs in the nearby woods.  One of their dogs is probably destined to be a more successful pet than hunter; she followed us around, scaling rocks (where's the hidden dog? look for her in one photo below!) and generally photo-bombing like a pro.  As dog owners/lovers, we all got a kick out of her antics!  But back to the humans...

Jessica + Bryc are photo naturals and adventurous, happy to perch on all sorts of rocks, outcrops, fully submerge in cold spring water, and Bryc even took some acrobatic flips into the water.  In just two weeks, we'll be photographing their wedding and can't wait to celebrate this amazing couple!

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