Shaneisha + Corey: An Elegant Vinton War Memorial Wedding

With Hurricane Florence threatening the east coast all week and couples in the region making tough decisions whether to continue with their wedding plans or postpone, Shaneisha + Corey bet that the weather would turn in their favor, and they lucked out with smatterings of rain showers throughout the day but none of the high wind and torrential downpours that the area got the day after.

Shaneisha + Corey celebrated their wedding and reception at the Vinton War Memorial on 9/15/18, surrounded by friends and family. So many elements made this wedding unique and those all originated with one source: the mother of the groom who provided the vision and coordination for the wedding and contributed such varied skills as creating the decor, making the cake, and building the floral arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres. From a creatively choreographed ceremony to touching first dances, Shaneisha + Corey had a beautiful celebration.

Venue: Vinton War Memorial | Catering: Schaal’s Catering & Events | Hair: Gregory Addison of Hair Attitudes | Bride’s hair & make-up: The B. Hunt Effect Style Studio | DJ: Wiz Enterprises | Photo Booth: BAD1Production | Attire: David’s Bridal Roanoke and Studio I Do Roanoke | Car Service: Executive Town Car | Flowers, Cake, & Wedding Coordination: Made for You

2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A900059_IMG_9684_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A9930_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A9907_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A9781_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A900060_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A9702_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A9705_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A9839_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_1_PreCeremony_Final_F78A900102_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_2Ceremony_Final_F78A0192_IMG_9755_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_2Ceremony_Final_F78A0223_psewl.jpg
2018_Johnson-Anderson Wedding_4Reception_Final_F78A0726_psewl.jpg