New Mexico, Part VII - Cloudcroft

These were all taken in or near Cloudcroft, New Mexico, elevation close to 10,000 feet, at several different locations.  The first several are from the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, NM, with the first building slated for demolition in the near future.  Then, there are some shots of a hike we took to the old Mexican Canyon Railroad Trestle that I would never ever feel safe traveling over (and an informational sign there indicated it wasn't every safe in its heyday).

I promise I didn't Photoshop this - one direction of the sky was super gray and cloudy with bright blue skies in the other direction reflected in this window.

A view of White Sands below in the valley from up in Cloudcroft, NM.

The night sky looking down into the valley from Cloudcroft with city lights reflecting up over the mountain.

Lindsey McCarty