Chincoteague, Or A Sad Vacation Photography Story

Most photographers have a that-time-my-memory-card-crapped-out-on-me story.  I guess I should feel lucky that I made it this far and that when it happened to me, it was landscape photos from vacation as opposed to client photos . . . but darn it, I thought I could beat the odds!  I guess it serves me right using my 6 year old non-professional grade memory card and in spite of some weird warnings on the screen (and several back-up disks at the ready), I still carried on.  

A week ago, I went on vacation with my dad to Chincoteague, right off the coast of Virginia and most notably known for its annual pony swim.  We spent several days hiking the wildlife refuge trails that were completely swarming with mosquitoes but still picturesque.  We saw a good number of birds, had close encounters with the wild ponies, got some great photos of baby seagulls on the beach hanging out together and running away from the waves and straight at the camera (I swear, it could have made National Geographic).

In loading the photos to my computer to begin processing them, I found that they had completely vanished.  Dust in the wind.  Luckily, I had switched to another memory card at the very end of the very last day and ended up with 5-10 shots . . . so that's something.

I also have the very real proof of this trip marked on my body with 30+ mosquito bites that while no longer painful, are visible, dimming reddish welts.  They literally bit my legs through my jeans.  I give them credit for their strength, endurance, and cunning.  I also earned several of them lingering just a little longer in a spot to capture a photo.  I guess the joke's on me.  Mosquitoes: 1, Lindsey: 0.

Here's what I got . . .