Best of Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can really bring the day to life with the mood they set and how they compliment the venue and show up in photos. We have seen some incredibly varied and creative approaches to wedding flowers. Here are some of our favorites!

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Sarah + Shane: Wedding at The Woodland Place

With temperatures soaring into the 90s for Sarah + Shane’s wedding on May 18th at The Woodland Place, they carved out a shaded part of the beautiful park-like setting to exchange their vows. Surrounded by a weeping willow, a gazebo, an arbor, and a forested path, nature was all around with the hot sun streaming delicately through the canopy of trees and creating gorgeous, soft light.

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Amanda + Trey: Wedding at Barboursville Ruins

Barboursville Winery and Ruins, just north of Charlottesville, Virginia, has the perfect mix: beautiful historic ruins for a ceremony surrounded by rolling Virginia hills and lush grape vines and an Italian-inspired winery for a reception overlooking this epic scenery. Add to the mix cottages and an inn dating to the 1800s for pre-wedding preparations, and it’s no wonder that Amanda + Trey fell in love with this spot for their May 11, 2019 wedding.

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Shaneisha + Corey: An Elegant Vinton War Memorial Wedding

With Hurricane Florence threatening the east coast all week and couples in the region making tough decisions whether to continue with their wedding plans or postpone, Shaneisha + Corey bet that the weather would turn in their favor, and they lucked out with smatterings of rain showers throughout the day but none of the high wind and torrential downpours that the area got the day after.

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Jessica + Bryc: An Epic Engagement at Panther Falls

We had a ridiculous amount of fun with this adventuresome couple!  We met up with Jessica + Bryc ("Brick") at Panther Falls, just outside of Lexington, VA, a couple of Saturdays ago.  It's a popular swimming spot so we got there early to beat the crowds and were successful...except for the local hunters training their hunting dogs in the nearby woods.  One of their dogs is probably destined to be a more successful pet than hunter; she followed us around, scaling rocks (where's the hidden dog? look for her in one photo below!) and generally photo-bombing like a pro.  As dog owners/lovers, we all got a kick out of her antics!  But back to the humans...

Jessica + Bryc are photo naturals and adventurous, happy to perch on all sorts of rocks, outcrops, fully submerge in cold spring water, and Bryc even took some acrobatic flips into the water.  In just two weeks, we'll be photographing their wedding and can't wait to celebrate this amazing couple!

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Hope + Wyatt: Enchanted Evening at Avenel

Hope + Raymond's wedding guests had so much fun dancing that the floor of the circa 1838 Avenel House in Bedford, VA, was literally hopping!  Growing up nearby, Hope had dreamed of having her wedding at Avenel some day, and on May 26th that dream became reality.  After a ceremony at the nearby Bedford Presbyterian Church, they got the party started back at the gorgeous historic property and the rainy day's skies finally cleared to allow for the sparkler send off.

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Krista + Carter: A House Mountain Inn Wedding on 05.19.18

We absolutely fell in love with this wonderful couple and their friends and family!  Krista and Carter got married nestled in the gorgeous setting that is House Mountain Inn in Lexington, VA.  After a foggy, rainy day that threatened to move their ceremony indoors, the rain suddenly stopped and let the festivities continue outside, some sun even sneaking out of the clouds!  The party continued on the pavilion with views of the sun setting behind the Allegheny mountains.  We wish Krista and Carter all the best as they start their married life off on new adventures in Texas and know they have the most wonderful friends and family to support them on their journey!  

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Lindsey McCarty
6 must know tips for your spectacular sparkler exit!

Sparklers: what's not to love?  A miniature firework in the palm of your hand.  Oh wait, when you say it that way...!

My husband and I had sparklers for our send off from our wedding, which fell on the 4th of July.  That decision was a no-brainer on that date!  At the time, we did some research of our own and now on the flip side as wedding photographers, we've come to appreciate the fine art that is pulling off a safe, successful sparkler exit.  The good news is that most of the trick is in the planning.  Most couples don't moonlight as sparkler aficionados, so here are our top 6 tips.

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