About us: lindsey + dustin

We are  wife + husband dynamic photography duo!

Lindsey is the primary photographer, and Dustin is the second photographer for weddings and large events.  We went to high school together, started dating shortly after graduation, and the rest is history - 18 years and counting!  We live with our four endlessly entertaining Labrador Retrievers: Charlotte, Sophie, Tara, and Gretchen.  We may or may not talk to them as if they're people, but if you have dogs, we know you get it! We also love to travel - check out our travel blog and photography at To Make Much of Time.

Lindsey enjoys reading, writing fiction and poetry, cooking, traveling, playing with the pups, volunteering, and has a love/hate relationship with running.

Dustin runs his own business, Ridgeline Aquatics, where he's able to use his photography skills to take amazing photos of corals.  Often found at the bottom of a pile of dogs (seriously), Dustin also loves biking, traveling, and camping. 


A member of Professional Photographers of America

A member of Professional Photographers of America